Water Extraction

Unwanted water can come from a variety of sources — appliance leaks, storm damage, broken pipes, and more — and needs to be removed completely and quickly. Time is crucial to avoid health hazards and minimize damage to furniture, baseboards, walls, carpets, and other flooring. We specialize in safe, effective water extraction methods and water damage restoration techniques.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage cases may vary in size and cause, but our goal is always the same:  remove the water, clean the site, restore and deodorize, and ensure the structure and contents of the affected area are completely dry. DeGeorge Plumbing has the experience and equipment to quickly and safely handle water damage and restoration situations, regardless of size.

Disaster, Storm and Flood Damage

Standing water from storms, flooding, and other disasters needs to be removed as soon as possible to avoid additional water damage to your property and health hazards, such as mold and the breeding of disease-carrying insects. Our 24/7 emergency service is quick to arrive on scene, assess the situation, and take action.

Flooding Caused by Severe Weather

Flash floods, over-full retention basins, flooded culverts and more often plague property owners during severe weather, sending damaging flood water into unwanted areas. The DeGeorge Plumbing experts can help identify areas that need to be repaired or improved before severe weather strikes, and we’re available 24/7 to take care of emergency flooding situations needing immediate attention.

Sink, Bathtub or Toilet Overflow

When a backup or overflow situation develops with your indoor plumbing, call DeGeorge Plumbing right away. Our professional plumbers can quickly assess the problem, repair the leak or clog, and identify the necessary water extraction or restoration efforts needed. Our goal is to help your protect your property from water damage.

Sewage Backup

Free-flowing sewer lines are vital for waste removal. A backup means costly damage cleanup and health concerns from contamination. Strong smells, gurgling noises, pooling water at drain sites, and slow-flowing or clogged drains, toilets, or sinks are early signs of a bigger sewer problem. Don’t ignore those early warning signs! Our plumbers have the experience and equipment to handle sewage backups, and we encourage you to call us to investigate those early signs.

No job is too big or too small for De George Plumbing.

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Sewer Lines
Water Heaters
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Garbage Disposals
Subsurface Slab Leaks
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