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De George
Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Services
Phone: 602-274-0939

1516 W. Palmer
Phoenix, AZ 85021
We have been in business since 1955. In that time, we have developed
trusting relationships with our customers, ensuring not only their
loyalty, but that of their children, grandchildren and their friends. There is nothing more important than the family values we strive to uphold every day, offering reasonable prices and superior service.




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1516 W. Palmer Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85021 (No Mail Delivery) | PO Box is 32516, Phoenix, AZ 85064-2516 | Phone: 602.274.0939 | Fax: 602.331.1711
Contractors License #: C37R 125063 L37 125064 KB02 181412